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It’s back again! I’ve worked incredibly hard to create another edition of the color dot wall calendar, and this is my favorite one so far!

Inspired by seasons of joy, good days, and hard days - this calendar wraps up so many memories and delights in hundreds of color dots. My primary goal is that it brings you joy. This piece serves as an ever-changing art piece for your wall, every month a new flip offers a fresh palette and change of scenery.

Shipping times: Your calendar will be shipped in 3 weeks, roughly.

A tracking email will be sent to the same email you use at checkout the day your calendar is shipped. You can view your package’s progress and communicate directly with USPS if there is a delay.

Digital version: The digital, printable version of this calendar 

Returns: Unfortunately, I am not able to process returns. If there is an issue with your order - always feel free to email me so we can find a solution! hello@jennao.studio.com

SIZE: 9.5” x 17.25”
PAPER: Glossy, vibrant
COIL: Wire Coil - Black - with wire hanger
DATES: January 2024 - January 2025


About digital and physical prints

Where should I get my digital art printed?

Our online recommendations:

Snapfish ($10 and under)

Mpix ($24 and under)

Printique ($16 and under)

Vistaprint ($4 and under)

GotPrint ($13 and under)

Nations Photo Lab ($21 and under)

Our local recommendations:



Wal Mart


Fed Ex

What size can I print my digital print?

The download will include the following sizes in a zip file:

✿ 24x36"

✿ 16x20"

✿ 11x14”

✿ 8x10”

✿ 5x7”

How are digital prints eco-friendly?

Digital prints reduce excess waste, because they are not printed and produced in bulk.

No wasted ink, no wasted paper as they are JUST printed right when you want one!

Since they are received digitally, there is not shipping, bubble wrap, packaging, etc. needed!

Can I print my art from my home printer?

If you’ve got lots of ink - go for it!

The standard printer paper size is 8.5x11” so I would recommend printing the 8x10” file on your home printer, and trimming the excess white border with some scissors.

How do I open my .ZIP file?

Here is a simple guide for opening your .zip file and accessing your files!

Is my order returnable/refundable?

Due to the nature of digital orders, digital art prints/products are non-refundable.

All physical prints can be returned if email to jennaisfeeling@gmail.com is sent within 15 days of delivery date. Please include your order number in the email.

Please note that after 15 days, orders may not be returned.

What do I do if my order doesn't show up?

Send an email to jennaisfeeling@gmail.com and we can help you get to the root of the problem so you can get your print!

How long does shipping take?

All orders will ship from Florida within 1-2 weeks after purchase.

All digital orders are sent immediately to your email.

Jenna O. Studio is a slow-batch art studio! I carefully create the artwork and work in partnership with a local print shop to create a few batches of prints at a time. This approach not only upholds my commitment to quality, but also significantly reduces printed waste.

My hope is to be able to ship quicker and quicker — but we are still a small operation!

Every art piece is printed on thick 120 gsm paper for a durable and low-glare image. 

What do I do if my order arrives damaged?

We do the absolute best we can to keep art prints labelled and packaged well, but occasionally the postal service bends/damages orders. It's unfortunate, but it happens!

Please email jennaisfeeling@gmail.com with a photo of the damage and your order number and we will send further details of how to sort it all out! Do not worry — we can help!

Can I cancel my order?

Digital orders cannot be refunded or cancelled.

Physical orders can be cancelled within 48 hours of placing the order. Email jennaisfeeling@gmail.com with your order number in order to cancel.

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